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The Advanced CFD Group is a small, highly selective, very capable research group directed by Prof. J. M. McDonough conducting state-of-the-art research in computational fluid dynamics—use of digital computers to solve the partial differential equations describing flow of fluids—with a focus on development of new computational algorithms and techniques to obtain more accurate solutions in a shorter time in the context of very difficult engineering problems involving turbulent fluid flow, combustion chemistry, phase-change phenomena and combinations of these. The research conducted by the Advanced CFD Group is more mathematically oriented than is typical in engineering; in addition there is emphasis on developing and characterizing new, advanced computational procedures in contrast to the usual engineering practice of simply applying existing methods to new problems. At the same time, the Advanced CFD Group is able to handle practical problems in more precise and efficient ways, and welcomes opportunities to do so.
The philosophy embraced by the Advanced CFD Group is that CFD must be viewed as a combination of disciplines, as depicted in the ven diagram shown here. It is by nature very interdisciplinary and can be approached from many areas of the physical and biological sciences, from various engineering disciplines and from applied mathematics and computer science.