James M. McDonough
__ Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics
__151 RGAN Building
__Phone: (859) 257-6336 x80657
__FAX: (859) 257-3304
__Email: jmmcd@uky.edu
__Prof. McDonough's Faculty Webpage
__Prof. McDonough's Curriculum Vitae
BS Aero-Astro Engineering, Ohio State University (1968)
MA Applied Mathematics, University of California, Los Angeles (1975)
PhD Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles (1980)
15+ years industrial experience, primarily in U.S. aerospace industry

Research Interests: CFD, applied mathematics; turbulent flows and their interaction with other physics, e.g., with heat transfer and combustion; nonlinear dynamical systems and their use in models of turbulence and elsewhere; numerical analysis, especially pertaining to solution of differential equations.
Graduate Students
Ying (Tracy) Xu
__ PhD Student, Mechanical Engineering
__151 RGAN Building
__Phone: (859) 257-6336 x80694
__Email: yxu0@engr.uky.edu
__Hometown: Jiangxi, China
__Previous degree(s): ME, Tongji University, China (1998);
__ MA Applied Math, University of Kentucky (2005)
__Research Topics/Interests: __Phase-field model; numeric-
__al simulation of phase change.
Ahbishek (Ahbi) Tiwari
__MS Student, Mechanical Engineering
__210A RGAN Building
__Phone: (859) 257-6336 x80694
__Email: ????@engr.uky.edu
__Hometown: ?????, India
__Previous degree(s): BE
__Research Topics/Interests: Simulation of bubble growth
__and transport; numerical analysis of elliptic equations.
Chetan B. (Babu) Velkur
__MS Student, Mechanical Engineering
__204 RGAN Building
__Phone: (859) 257-6336 x80695
__Email: vcbabu@uky.edu
__Hometown: Chittoor, India
__Previous degree(s): BE Mechanical Engineering, RVCE,
__ Bangalore, India
__Research Topics/Interests: __ Large-eddy simulation of
__compressible turbulent flows; use of nonlinear dynamical
__systems in construction of sub-grid scale models.
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Brett Compton
__Undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering
__RGAN Building
__Email: bgcomp2@uky.edu
__Hometown: Florence, KY
__Previous degree(s): N/A
__Research Topics/Interests: __Simulation of insect flight;
__use of commercial flow codes and grid generators for
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High School Students
Wenbin Yang
High School Student (Senior)
James Madison Memorial High School, Madison, WI
Email: wenbinyang1024@hotmail.com
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Recent Alumni
Stewart Bible

MS, Mechanical Engineering, 2003
Engineer, Flow Tack LLC, Morrisville, NC 27560
Email: sabible@hotmail.com

James Booth 
MS, Mathematics, 2003
PhD student in Geophysics, University of Washington, Seattle.
Andrew Loh
P. L. Dunbar High School (Graduated Spring 2003)
Undergraduate in Engineering, University of Michigan
Dr. Tianliang Yang (former post-doctoral scholar)
Research Engineer
Convergent Thinking, LLC, Madison, WI
Email: tlyang@c-think.com
Mun-Gwen Chong
BS, Mechanical Engineering, 2004
Engineer, PowerLab, Irwindale, CA, 91706
E-Mail: mercury82x@hotmail.com

Shilpi Gupta
BS, Computer Science, 2004
Graduate Student, Computer Science, University of Kentucky
E-Mail: sgupt0@uky.edu

John Holloway
BS, Mechanical Engineering, 2004
MS student in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California, San Diego
Email: erasmusneo@yahoo.com
Illayathambi Kunadian
MS, Mechanical Engineering, 2004
Research Engineer, Center for Applied Energy Research, University of Kentucky, 40508
PhD Student, Mechanical Engineering, University of Kentucky
E-Mail: ikuna0@engr.uky.edu

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UK Faculty Collaborating with Advanced CFD Group
J. D. Jacob, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Experimental fluid dynamics
M. Pinar Mengüç, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Radiation heat transfer; optics
Kaveh A. Tagavi, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Phase-change heat transfer
Peter Hislop, Professor, Mathematics
Mathematical physics, geometric and functional analysis
James Griffioen, Associate Professor, Computer Science
Computer networks; operating systems
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