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Above: Density variations in Si following a 100 eV atomic recoil. Click here for details.

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Open Positions

If you are interested in research ongoing in the Computational Materials Science research group, please feel free to submit a current CV to me with a cover letter describing your reseach interests and career goals.

Graduate/Post-Graduate Positions

Post-Doc Positions: While specific post-doctoral opportunities will be posted here from time to time, post-doc positions are generally specifically created to match a new research opportunity with an interested and qualified candidate. Interest in such a position should be indicated a year in advance to allow funding to be arranged. Post-doc positions are expected to last ~2 years and lead to permanent employment as a research scientist or engineer in academia or industry.

Graduate Student Positions: Upper level undergraduates considering graduate study in engineering who are interested in impacting state-of-the-art technology by understanding and controlling the fundamental, atomic-scale properties of materials systems should contact me for information about applying for graduate study at UK. Prospective graduate students should feel free to contact me at any time, though I encourage undergrads to begin seriously considering graduate school opportunities during, if not before, their Junior year. I generally take one new graduate student per year, and students must first be accepted by the CoE and Department.

To get an idea of the kinds of research projects available in my group, please visit the Research page. Graduate studies in the Computational Materials Science research group are expected to last 4-5 years, and lead to a Ph.D. and permanent employment as an engineer, scientist or teacher in a range of fields.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Students currently enrolled at UK, or students living in the Lexington area who are interested in gaining experience in a research laboratory are encouraged to contact me about opportunities in computational materials research, computer programming, and computer cluster administration. Both paid positions and opportunities for independent study for credit are available.

Academic Year: Semester-length research projects for undergraduate credit are available to undergraduates at all levels and in a range of program areas. For-credit projects must be initiated by contacting me AT LEAST one month prior to the END of the semester PRECEDING the semester in which credit is sought. A for-credit project will require an initial research proposal prepared in collaboration with me, as well as a final "project report" prepared by the student and approved by me. Paid research positions are also available for students seeking part time employment. Undergraduates participating in both for-credit and paid research should expect that their research will be included in a refereed publication, and presented at technical conferences. Students should expect to participate and be named in publications and presentations.

Summer: Paid positions for undergraduates (as well as highly-qualified high school students) are also available during the summer months. Students must arrange their own housing and transportation in Lexington, but need not be enrolled, or planning to enroll, at UK. Contact me BEFORE March 31st to discuss possible summer research positions.

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