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Jimmie Joe Cathey


Home Address:

68l Mt. Vernon Dr.
Lexington, Kentucky 40502
(859) 266-0297
Office Address:

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
453C Anderson Hall
University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0046
(859) 257-8043
Birthdate: May 16, 1941
Birthplace: Whitney, TX
Marital Status: Married
Citizenship: United States


Degree Institution Major Year
B.S.E.E. Texas A&M University Electrical Engineering 1965
M.S.E.E. Bradley University Electrical Engineering 1968
Ph.D. Texas A&M University Electrical Engineering 1972


TVA Professor of E.E., University of Kentucky, July 2000-June 2003.
Professor of E.E., University of Kentucky, July 1989-present.
Associate Professor of E.E., University of Kentucky, July 1980-July 1989.
(On leave of absence during period July 1980-August 1981.)
Visiting Associate Professor of E.E., University of Kentucky, August 1979-June 1980.
Director - Applied Research, Marathon LeTourneau Company, August 1977-August 1981.
Chief Electrical Engineer, Marathon LeTourneau Company, April 1974-August 1977.
Project Engineer, Marathon LeTourneau Company, September 1972-April 1974.
Instructor of E.E., Texas A&M University, September 1969-August 1972.
Product Manager, Marathon LeTourneau Company, October 1968-August 1969.
Senior Design Engineer, Marathon LeTourneau Company, June 1968-October 1968.
Research Engineer, Caterpillar Tractor Company, September 1965-June 1968.


Registered Professional Engineer, State of Texas (34005).
Senior Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
Editor-in-Chief of Electric Power Components & Systems.


Eta Kappa Nu
Tau Beta Pi
Phi Kappa Phi


Who's Who in the South and Southwest
Who's Who in Engineering
Personalities of the South


Electrical Machine Design and Analysis
Control of Electric Machines
Solid-State Power Conditioning
Electric Drive Applied to Vehicles and Robotics


Principal investigator on 16 extramural contracts for the University of Kentucky with funding from both industry and government laboratories.


Author or coauthor of 28 refereed journal publications.
Author or coauthor of 11 conference papers.
Author or coauthor of 3 Schaum's Outline Series books.
Author of Electric Machines: Analysis and Design Applying MATLAB


"Transient Load Model of an Induction Motor", Ph.D. Dissertation, Texas A&M University, Aug. 1972.


"An Induction Motor Having Cooling Arrangement", U.S. Patent No. 3,531,668, Sept. 29, 1970.
"A Multiple Winding, Multiple Voltage Alternator System", U.S. Patent No. 3,793,544, Feb. 19, 1974.
"Induction Motor", U.S. Patent No. 3,916,231, Oct. 28, 1975.
"Pump and Motor Unit and Method for Pumping Fluids", U.S. Patent No. 6,293,760, Sept. 25, 2001.


Consultant to General Motors Research Laboratories, Warren, MI.
Consultant to Marathon LeTourneau Company, Longview, TX.
Consultant to Sundstrand Corporation, Rockford, IL.
Consultant to Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Paducah, KY.
Consultant to Eriz Magnetics, Erie, PA.
Consultant to AT&T Transoceanic Cable Company, Morristown, NJ.
Consultant to Motorola , Arlington Heights, IL.
Invited Speaker at Electronic Adjustable Speed Drive Applications and Power Electronics Seminar, Nashville, TN, Sept. 9-10, 1986.
Invited Speaker at Power Electronics Applications Conference, Knoxville, TN, Oct. 6-8, 1987.
Invited Speaker at Power Electronics: Research and Applications in Air Conditioning Seminar, Orlando, FL, Sept. 9-10, 1987.
Visiting Professor, IBM Information Systems Division, Summer 1988, 1989.


Major advisor for 32 MSEE and 5 PhD degrees.
Awarded Outstanding Professor in Electrical Engineering in 1980, 1983 and 1985.
Developed graduate courses in power electronics and switch modepower supplies.
Developed technical elective courses in electric drives and coupled coil analysis of electric machines.
Developed technical elective course in robotics.
Developed senior design courses in induction machines and synchronous machines.


Laboratory test work on high frequency, oil-cooled, homopolar alternator for 1000 hp AC to AC vehicle traction system.
Packaging design and associated laboratory test of oil-cooled cycloconverter for 1000 hp AC to AC vehicle traction drive system.
Electrical and mechanical design of cranking motor for gas turbine engines.
Design and test of dual voltage battery charging alternator.
Electrical and mechanical design of 24,000 rpm induction motor to be driven by an inverter for application in an inertia welding process.
Electrical and mechanical design of DC traction motors to give desired vehicle performance.
Electrical and mechanical design of large engine driven alternators for marine and mobile off-highway equipment to power on-board auxiliary functions such as cooling blowers, pump motors, lighting, and switchgear.
Electrical and mechanical design of AC induction motors used as rotary actuators for machine motions.
Computer programs for electrical and mechanical design of DC motors, DC generators, AC motors, and AC generators.
Design methods and procedures relating to air-cooled transformers.
Computer programs to predict the dynamic performance of vehicles with DC traction systems during steering attitude, grade ascending, and braking conditions.
Establishment of manufacturing procedures relating to all electrical devices produced.
Set-up of governing electrical quality control procedures for manufacture and test.

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