Silver Deposition


AgNO3 - silver nitrate obtained from Sigma

SDS - sodium dodecyl sulfate from Sigma

From AgNO3 on Silicon

Precusor Solution: 250mM AgNO3 + 4mM SDS (final concentration depends on rehydration

Substrate: p-type, <100> Si

Liquid delivery: ex-situ pipette, dried, rehydrated at 3C, 5.7 Torr

Exemplary pattern: 2μm pitch single pixel dots, 20keV, 150 pA, 30 pC/dot

(A) Top view. (B) 60° tilt view.

Ag Dots

Ag Dots

Exemplary pattern: arbitrary single pass lines, 20keV, 150 pA, 200 nC/cm

Ag Lines

Reference: M. Bresin, A. Botman, S. J. Randolph, M. Straw, and J. T. Hastings, "Liquid Phase Electron-Beam-Induced Deposition on Bulk Substrates Using Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy," Microscopy and Microanalysis, vol. 20, pp. 376-384, 2014.