These items are likely to change significantly with time. (1) For education and course materials,clickhere. (2)For a quick tour and an overview of our research activities in the area of membranes and pollution control, pleaseclickhere. If you also want more membrane info around the world, please connect to North American Membrane Society Home Page. If you would like to meet two recent Ph.D. graduates (Jamie and Steve, left to right)who are experts in membrane-based ultrahigh capacity metal sorbents, please clickhere. We are also conducting extensive research (NIEHS  and Dow Chemical Corp. funded) on dehalogenation of hazardous organics

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University of Kentucky College of Engineering Center for Robotics and Mfg. Systems Room 312 Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0108 Phone: (606) 257-1687 Fax: (606) 323-4922