EE101 Electrical Engineering Professions Seminar

Instructor: Dr. K. D. Donohue

Phone: 859-257-8042


Office: 567 Anderson Hall

Hours: Wed. and Thur. 2:00-4:00PM

Website:  http: //



ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING PROFESSIONS SEMINAR (1). Introductory seminar on professional practice, growth, conduct and ethics. Presentations on computers in electrical engineering and the University computer system. Presentations from career engineers and professional societies and reading assignments in professional journals. Pass/Fail only.



Expected Student Outcomes:

A student who has successfully completed this course should:

1.      know the academic requirements for an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering.

2.      understand ethical and professional issues associated with the electrical engineering profession.

3.      be able to use word processing, spreadsheets, computer networks, literature search techniques, e-mail, and computer software for the solution of very simple electric networks.


Optional Text:  The SPICE  Book, A.Vladimirescu, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 1994
(ISBN 0-471-60926-9)


Grading Policy:  A passing grade (P) requires class attendance and handing in all assignments at an acceptable performance level.   Late assignments will be accepted only at the instructor's discretion.  Assignments will normally relate to reading, short reports (a few sentences), the use of electronic mail, word processors, computer based searches for information, and computer analysis of electrical networks.  There will be in class assignments where you will be asked answer simple questions.  All classes must be attended and all assignments must be handed in for a P grade.  Excused absences are at the instructor’s discretion (excused absences will typically be for illnesses, accidents, funerals, and unique service opportunities).  If not an emergency situation, you need to contact the professor before the date of the class meeting you need to miss.  You will sign an attendance sheet for every class meeting to verify your attendance.  Assignments will be marked and handed back 1 to 2 weeks after handing them in.  Keep these assignments as acknowledgements that the assignment was accepted and recorded.  Any missing assignment will result in an E for the course.



Tentative Schedule

The following schedule goes over the topics to be covered in class.  Changes will likely be made to this schedule in order to accommodate guest speakers and the availability of resources.  The changes will be announced in class.  The student is responsible for attending class and being aware of these changes.






Course procedures, university and college regulations, ECE curriculum

Fill out curriculum work sheet (do not hand in).


University and college computing facilities (Dan Racke)

Visit web page and read to prepare for email assignment.


Co-op program
(Donna Hewett)

Resume assignment handed out.


ECE History and Careers

Due: Email assignment on ECE history.


Study Strategies, time management, stress management

Due: final version of resume (hand in).


Career Fair (no class meeting)

Attend Career Fair (Wednesday 10-02-02)

10:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M
University of Kentucky Student Center Grand Ballroom





Create and solve a circuit in SPICE:

SPICE assignment handed out


Library search techniques

(James E. Manasco)

Due: SPICE assignment due.

Library assignment handed out


EE specialties and future directions


Library assignment due:  Find information using the library search programs (short report)


EE specialties and future directions

(Lumpp, JE)



EE specialties and future directions

(Lumpp, JK)



Ethics and professional responsibility

In class assignment: List potential areas of interest within ECE


Ethics and professional responsibility

In class assignment: Answer ethics and professional responsibility questions


Ethics and professional responsibility