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pod2html - convert .pod files to .html files


    pod2html --help --htmlroot=<name> --infile=<name> --outfile=<name>
             --podpath=<name>:...:<name> --podroot=<name>
             --libpods=<name>:...:<name> --recurse --norecurse --verbose
             --index --noindex --title=<name>


Converts files from pod format (see perlpod) to HTML format.


pod2html takes the following arguments:

  • help

    Displays the usage message.

  • htmlroot

    Sets the base URL for the HTML files. When cross-references are made, the HTML root is prepended to the URL.

  • infile

    Specify the pod file to convert. Input is taken from STDIN if no infile is specified.

  • outfile

    Specify the HTML file to create. Output goes to STDOUT if no outfile is specified.

  • podroot

    Specify the base directory for finding library pods.

  • podpath

    Specify which subdirectories of the podroot contain pod files whose HTML converted forms can be linked-to in cross-references.

  • libpods

    List of page names (eg, "perlfunc") which contain linkable =item s.

  • netscape

    Use Netscape HTML directives when applicable.

  • nonetscape

    Do not use Netscape HTML directives (default).

  • index

    Generate an index at the top of the HTML file (default behaviour).

  • noindex

    Do not generate an index at the top of the HTML file.

  • recurse

    Recurse into subdirectories specified in podpath (default behaviour).

  • norecurse

    Do not recurse into subdirectories specified in podpath.

  • title

    Specify the title of the resulting HTML file.

  • verbose

    Display progress messages.


Tom Christiansen, <tchrist@perl.com>.


See Pod::Html for a list of known bugs in the translator.


perlpod, Pod::Html


This program is distributed under the Artistic License.