Fuqian Yang


| Materials Engineering                   


  The indentation-induced growth of silicon nanobelts at 50 degree C.


My group works on a variety of research projects addressing the deformation behavior of materials, the structure and properties of electronic materials, electromechanical interaction of materials. Current focus areas include:


Electrocontact deformation of Sn-based alloys
Electrothermal deformation of materials
Size-dependence of mechanical behavior of materials of small volume
Interaction of stress and diffusion for Li-ions battery applications



Currently Funded Projects


Collaborative Research: Making Nanostructured Ceramics from Micrometer-Sized Starting Powders (National Science Foundation)
MRI-R2: Instrument Acquisition: Nanomechanical Systems for in situ Mechanical Characterization of Materials in Application Environments(National Science Foundation)
Mechanical Property Analysis of Ink Jet Heater Thin Film Materials(Lexmark Incorp. Inc.)