Research Projects

Electron-beam induced Processing / Nanoscale 3D Printing. We are developing electron-beam induced deposition and etching using bulk liquids to enable rapid prototyping of nanoscale devices, interconnection to chemically synthesized nanostructures, and enhanced mask and template repair.
Optical Sensing in Complex Media. We are developing optical sensors based on nanostructures supporting multiple surface-plasmon resonances. These sensors can differentiate between a target interaction of interest and interfering effects.
Tip-Direct Material Processing. We are developing thermal and photochemical patterning techiques based on laser illuminated scanning probes.
Patterning with Nanometer-level Accuracy. We are currently developing feedback control systems for electron-beam lithography. Beam size, shape, and pixel dose can all be controlled in real time by adding reference structures to the substrate to be patterned.
  Intraocular Pressured sensing for Improved Glaucoma Managment. We recently transfered our work in introcular pressure sensing to Brockman-Hastings LLC, a start-up company located in U.K.'s Advanced Science and Technology Commercialization Center.


National Science Foundation (NSF) Kentucky Science and Engineering Foundation
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Oak Ridge Associated Universities
Department of Energy (DoE) Southeastern Center for EE Education