Renewable Energy Course Example Outline

This is an outline of available material and modules suitable for use in an introductory course on Renewable Energy. This was initially developed for sharing in the FEEDER consortium of universities (


The development of this course was supported in part by the U.S. Department of Energy under award DE-EE0006340. Additional financial support was provided by sponsors of the Power and Energy Institute at the University of Kentucky (PEIK). Most contents below can be shared and re-used for university instruction with a proper reference to both the source and the sponsoring agencies. Please kindly inform the source your usage so appropriate reporting can be done. (Note that some contents below are from 3rd party sites, such as youtube, and were not specifically developed under the US-DOE or PEIK support.)

[If you are using these videos in your coursework with an upload, such as into Canvas or Blackboard, please send a notification email to me at so I am aware.  I would like to know what content is used and is useful, and I welcome feedback on the need for new modules or modules to improve.]


Most of the video content linked below is available on Vimeo in the Vimeo Album at .  If you are running a course (such as in Canvas or Blackboard), you can provide a link directly to the Vimeo content within your course modules.  Unfortunately, the Vimeo player does not permit variable speed playback, which is helpful for instructional videos.  However, most Vimeo videos listed below also allow a download of the video file, which can then be uploaded into other systems such as Canvas where a variable speed playback is possible.  (However, these will not automatically reflect periodic video updates, like the Vimeo links will.)