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Structural Engineering Facilities at KTC

Central Campus

All of the facilities are located in the center of the University of Kentucky. The Oliver H. Raymond Building contains the offices, labs, classrooms, and libraries for the Kentucky Transportation Center and the Department of Civil Engineering.

Structural Engineering Laboratory

The structural engineering laboratory is located in room 053A Anderson Hall (telephone: (859)257-9304). The lab is equipped with a strong floor, a loading frame capable of extending up to 50 ft. testing multispan specimens, and a data acquisitions system for compiling data on a specialized terminal. A 100,000 lb. SATEC Machine, and a 300,000 lb. UTM Machine located in the geotech lab (telephone: (859)257-5927). Click the link above for more information and to view lab photos.

Structural Engineering Lab Equipment

Structures Section Offices:

Room C161A: Dr. Issam Harik, Telephone (859)257-3116
Room C382: Structures Staff, Telephone (859)257-8010

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