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Structural Engineering Lab

Testing of full-scale structural models is carried out in a 2,000 square feet structural engineering laboratory, complete with heavy duty loading floor, cranes, and access galleries below the floor. The laboratory has special provisions for the maintenance of constant temperature and humidity. It is equipped with extensive jacking, loading, and strain measuring apparatus.

The structural engineering laboratory has conducted most important experimental studies to support the evaluation, repair, and retrofitting of existing bridge structures using hybrid glass/carbon FRP beams, and concrete/FRP bridge deck specimens. The testing facility includes loading frames, SATEC universal testing machines and computer controlled data acquisition and control systems. Each independent loading frame is made up of built-up tubular sections and are anchored to the test floor. Bridge deck panels up to a maximum length of 45 ft. with a breadth of 5 ft. and with multiple spans can be tested using the testing facility. The gripping mechanism developed in the laboratory can be used to predict the material properties of plain and deformed carbon and glass FRP rebars. For further details regarding the testing facilities, contact Issam Harik at iharik@engr.uky.edu.

Some photos regarding the testing activities are shown below. Click on each thumbnail to view the photo in actual size.

Testing of Concrete/FRP
Composite Deck Slab
Data Acquisition System
Testing of Concrete Beam Strengthened
with Externally-bonded CFRP sheets
Delamination of CFRP Sheets after Failure
Failure Pattern of Concrete Beam Strengthened with
CFRP Fabric
Testing of Hybrid Carbon/Glass
Pultruded I-Section
Testing of Bridge Barrier Wall
Subject to Truck Impact
Shear Strengthening of Concrete Beams
with FRP Fabric
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