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The research activities conducted in the Structures section focus primarily on highway bridges and on fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites for   infrastructure applications.  The research deals with seismic evaluation of bridges,   bridges susceptible to vessel and truck impact, effectiveness of intermediate   diaphragms in P/C I-girder bridges, full depth bridge slab overlay, FRP bridge   decks, FRP reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structures, strengthening of   existing structures with FRP components, and testing of advanced FRP   components.

The personnel in the Structures section are professors, staff members, and students.  Since 1996, one professor, nine visiting professors, six full time and part time staff, seven Ph.D. students, five MS students, twenty-one undergraduate students, and four high school students have conducted research.  In  addition, four civil engineering professors and six Kentucky Transportation Center staff  assisted the Structures section during this period.

Implementation of the Structures section's research findings leads to safer bridges and to highly cost effective investments of public funds.

Bridge over Ohio River on US-51

FRP Clear Creek Bridge

Bridge over Big Sandy River

Bridge over Cumberland River

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