Located in room 019 of Ralph G. Anderson Building, Mechanics of Materials laboratory  is the center for research of the properties and applications of shape memory alloys, and ferromagnetic shape memory alloys. It consists of several graduate research assistance working with Dr. Karaca. The laboratory, under supervision of Dr. Karaca, has the latest equipment for the testing and analysis of various engineering materials.



Text Box: Shape Memory Alloys: Ferromagnetic and Conventional

About us

Team Members

The Mechanics of Materials Laboratory group consists of the following graduate students and researchers:

Aydin Hatemi

I am a masters student in Manufacturing Systems Engineering at University Kentucky. I received B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical engineering and Manufacturing Systems engineering, respectively.

My research interest on FSMA aerospace actuators, and biomedical applications.

E-mail: ahate2@uky.edu

Gurdish Singh Ded

I earned a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering (With Honors) from Punjab Technical University.  Currently, I'm a graduate student in Mechanical engineering department at University of Kentucky.


 My Industrial experience includes Punjab Tractors, and Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), India. Currently working as research assistant on a project funded by NASA to develop and characterize high temperature shape memory alloys for applications in aerospace and allied industries. Some of the initial findings presented in the 14th annual EPSCoR Conference recently were widely appreciated.

I like sports, listening to music, and playing games.
Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Mohammad Souri

Mohammad Souri was born on 1983 in Tehran. He started his academic studies in Sharif University of Technology in the major of Mechanical Engineering.              

He attends University of Kentucky on Fall 2008 semester to accomplish his studies as a PHD student. His researches are mainly about Smart Material Alloys.  








Sayed was born on 1987 in Lexington, KY. He is senior undergraduate Mechanical engineering student at University of Kentucky.

He is amateur soccer player, and an active member in Shape memory alloy group.

Sayed Mohammad Saghaian

Ali Sadi Turabi