2013 CeNSE Nanotechnology Awards




Ever want to enter a contest where you can win fabulous cash and prizes?  This isn’t it. What can you win?  Framed certificates will be given to all winers in each category. Bragging rights and something to add to your resume are thrown in at no additional charge.  Results will be posted on the CeNSE website and posted on the boards on the 3rd floor of ASTeCC.  Imagine.  You can win and not even do any new research!  Just submit your previously prepared work. Both Grad students and Post-docs are eligible.

I’m asking that any work done with the assistance of CeNSE equipment or staff be submitted.  There are three categories. 

The first is aimed a visually striking images.  Got a great micrograph?  SEM, TEM, AFM, or any of the optically related images are acceptable.

The second category is a hard science category.  Submissions can include any published paper.  Only one submission per first author. 

Last submission category is for poster presentations.  Any poster presentation based partially on work done at CeNSE can be submitted.  This one will be chosen based on both aesthetic and scientific appeal.

Any professor, post-doc, staff who would like to join me as a reviewer is welcome.  An individual can submit in all three categories.  All work submitted must be presentable to the general public. 

Electronic submissions are preferred, but posters and images will be accepted as hard copies.  All submissions should be sent/brought  to me at Brian.Wajdyk@uky.edu or room 45 of ASTeCC building.  Deadline for submissions is April 19th and winners announced April 22nd.

See last year’s submissions at http://www.engr.uky.edu/~cense/contest/contest2011/contest2011.html  

Good Luck!

Brian Wajdyk
Research Engineering Associate
CeNSE lab Manager
University of Kentucky
Elec and Comp Eng
Ph.(859) 257-6401
Email: Brian.Wajdyk@uky.edu
Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering