Dr. Janet Lumpp, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering



Phone:  (859) 257-4985                    Fax:  (859)257-3092


Office Location:  697 F. Paul Anderson Tower


Mailing Address:  Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

453 F. Paul Anderson Tower, Lexington, KY 40506-0046




Dr. Lumpp's research and teaching activities span a wide range of topics from lasers and microelectronics to K-12 education and carbon nanotubes.  Her current research funding includes an Army Research Laboratory grant and a UK Research Support Grant.  The ARL grant to Vanderbilt University  called the Advanced Carbon Nanotechnology Program (ACNP) partners five institutions including UK where Dr. Lumpp leads a multidisciplinary team of faculty from Electrical and Computer Engineering, Chemical and Materials Engineering, Chemistry and the Center for Applied Energy Research.

Improving math and science education is the primary goal of KEEP - Kentucky Electronics Education Project, a program developed by Dr. Lumpp using microelectronics as a theme to connect core concepts in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education.  Funding from a UK Research Support Grant will sponsor a pilot program in the 04-05 academic year training student teachers to build circuit boards.

In the classroom, Dr. Lumpp teaches Circuits I (EE211), Electronic Packaging (EE/MSE569), Introduction to Lasers and Masers (EE/PHY567), the Electrical and Computer Engineering freshmen seminar (EE101), and a Multidisciplinary Sensors Laboratory (EE/CHE/CME/MSE664).

Dr. Lumpp has been at UK since 1993, received her PhD from The University of Iowa and earned her BSMetE and MSMetE degrees from Purdue University.   Her publication and funding records indicate a variety of collaborations and research areas.  Funding sources include NSF, DARPA, ARL and NASA/EPSCoR.

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