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Association of American Railroads

CE 533 Railroad Facilities Design and Analysis

Course Description

Study of the principles of railroad location, construction, rehabilitation, maintenance, and operation with emphasis on track structure design and analysis, bridges and bridge loading, drainage considerations, track geometry effects, and operating systems analysis.

This course provides civil engineering graduate and undergraduate students a transportation technical elective course emphasizing the civil engineering aspects of Railroad Engineering. Topics range from general information about the railroad industry to specific topics covering the design, construction, maintenance, operations, and evaluation of rail infrastructure and networks. The students are expected to develop small group skills through team homework assignments and class interaction. Additionally, term project assignments enhance life-long learning and written communication skills. It also provides student with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with railroad engineering and to determine if they are interested in pursuing this area as a career. Our nation's changing transportation needs indicate increased emphasis will be placed on rail transportation during the coming years.

Section: 001
Lecture: M & W & F 11:00 -11:50 pm, OHR 057

Instructor: Jerry G. Rose

Teaching Assistance:

Jordan Haney
Office: OHR C216
Phone: 859-257-4349
E-Mail: jordan.haney@uky.edu


W.W. Hay, Railroad Engineering , 2nd Edition. Wiley Interscience (1982). Copies are available on reserve in the Engineering Library


  1. American Railway Engineering Association, Manual of Standard Practice. AREMA (1997). Available on CD-ROM in Kentucky Transportation Center Library.
  2. J.H. Armstrong, The Railroad: What It Is , What It Does, 5th Edition, Simmons- Boardman (2008). Available on CD-ROM in Kentucky Transportation Center Library and on reserve in Engineering Library.
  3. Association of American Railroads, Yearbook of Railroad Facts (latest edition). Class handouts.
  4. Federal Railroad Administration, Track Safety Standards (latest edition). Class handouts.
  5. Various recently published journal and magazine technical articles. Class handouts.




Class Announcements

  • This class is only taught during the Spring Semester



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