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Association of American Railroads

CE 433 Railway Freight & Passenger Operations and Intermodal Transportation

Course Description

Study of the transportation engineering aspects of efficient management of railwat operations including freight, passenger, and intermodal transportation

The course emphasizes the transportation engineering aspects of railway operations -- efficient movement of freight and passengers -- and complements the existing "Railroad Facilities Design and Analysis" class ( CE 533 ), which is offered in the spring semesters and places emphasis on the engineering aspects of railroad infrastructure. It provides students with instruction in the critical concepts and planning of railway operations. Students are exposed to the processes used for managing local railway operations to managing system-wide operations. The key planning roles of railroad professionals are stressed. Equal emphasis is placed on the increasing reliance on intermodal (multi-modal) freight transportation and the re-emergence of rail passenger, commuter, and transit system, and their roles for the 21st century.

Section: 001
Lecture: MWF 9:00 am - 9:50 am, OHR 057

Instructor: Jerry G. Rose

Teaching Assistant:

Jordan Haney
Office: OHR C216
Phone: 859-257-4349
E-Mail: jpha225@g.uky.edu


J.H. Armstrong, The Railroad: What It Is , What It Does, 5th Edition, Simmons- Boardman (2008).


  1. A compilation of Multi-Modal Lecture Notes, PowerPoint Presentations, and Reference Materials are available.
  2. Various handouts and study materials will be provided, including selected articles from Railway Age and Progressive Railroading magazines.
  3. Various recently published journal and magazine technical articles. Class handouts.



Class Announcements

  • This class is only taught during the Fall Semester.


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