By Laurence G. Hassebrook

Last updated 1/26/2017


The following are Matlab tutorials that I have developed over the years for Stochastic Systems (EE640), Digital Signal Processing (EE630), Digital Communication Systems (EE512) and Introduction to Communication Systems (EE511). The tutorials are designed to help the student visualize the implementation of basic concepts related to the courses. Hence, I also refer to them as “Visualizations.” For EE640 and EE630, the tutorials represent a wide variety of image processing implementations that should be of general interest to engineers and act as reference material. For EE511 and EE512, the visualizations are more focused on the specific implementation of communication systems. Several years of developed material along with lectures, projects and reference material can be found on the “classes” site.

VISUALIZAIONS for Stochastic Systems


V2: 3D Surface Modeling with Noise Mixture

Binary Circuit Image

V3: QR Code and XOR encryption

Input image for QR code visualization

V4: Colored Stationary Noise Synthesis

V5: Auto Focus Using Effective Bandwidth of PSD Estimate

V5: Auto Focus Data

V7: Correlation Detection in Additive Non-Stationary Colored Noise

V7: Reference Fingerprint

V7: Test Fingerprint


VISUALIZAIONS for Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing Course Flyer

Visualization 1: D-T sequences

Visualization 2: Grid Mapping of Z-form

Software that is needed or can help with V2:

Location of mat5CIXYZwrite2011.m for V2

GL3DView.exe for viewing and converting MAT5 formats: Tutorials

MESHLAB for viewing standard 3D formats

BLENDER for viewing standard 3D formats

Visualization 3: 2-D Correlation with DFTs

Data: facegroupimage.bmp, facedelicia.bmp, face*.bmp:

Visualization 4: Fresnel Diffraction Model (Grid Mapping)

Visualization 7: Spatial Quantization

Visualization 9: Frequency Discrimination, zero padding and interpolation

Visualization 11: Wide Band Fresnel Diffraction Model (Grid Mapping)

VISUALIZAIONS for Digital Communication Systems

Not yet updated

VISUALIZAIONS for Introduction to Communication Systems

Not yet updated