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(Last update March 26, 2014)


Recommended Courses for an EE degree in Signal and Image Processing


EE511 Introduction to Communication Systems

EE512 Digital Communications Systems

EE611 Control Systems

EE630 Digital Signal Processing

EE640 Stochastic Systems

EE639 Advanced Topics

EE or CS635 Image Processing






Eli Crane in Honduras with new scanner system. July 14, 2009


Completed Ph.D. Degrees


Ph.D. EE, Charles J. Casey, “Enhancements to the Modified Composite Pattern Method of Structured Light 3D Capture,” April 2011.

Ph.D. EE, Veera Ganesh Yalla, Title: “Optimal Phase Measuring Profilometry Technqiues for Static and Dynamic 3-Dimensional Data Acquisition,” November 2006.

Ph.D. EE, Wei Su, Title: “Axial Motion Stereo Vision and Structured Light Illumination for 3-Dimensional Acquisition of the Human Ear,” September 26, 2006. Co-Advisor: Daniel L. Lau.

Ph.D. EE, Chun Guan, “Composite Pattern For Single Frame 3-D Acquisition,” December 2004.

Ph.D. EE, Michael Earl Lhamon, "Implementation Theory of Distortion-Invariant Pattern Recognition for Optical and Digital Signal Processing Systems," February 1997.

Ph.D. EE, Mao Wang, "Active Image Registration and Recognition," May 1995.  Committee chairman: Dr. Bruce Walcott.

Ph.D. EE, Mohammad Rhamati, "Intensity- and Distortion-Invariant Object Recognition and Complex Linear Morphology," September 1993.  Committee chairman: Dr. Robert Heath.

Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, Abhijit Patwardhan, "Comparison of the Spectral Characteristics of the Cardio Vascular Responses to Adaptive and LBNP during free and paced breathing," March 1992.  Co-advisor with Dr. Charles F. Knapp.




Completed Master of Science Degrees


MSEE, Minghao Wang, “Enhanced Post-Processing of Modified Composite Pattern,” May 22, 2013.

MSEE, Mengmei Liu, “Target Tracking with Binary Sensor Networks,” February 25, 2013.

MSEE, Eli Crane, “Rotate and Hold and Scan (RAHAS): Structured Light Illumination in the Rio Platano Biosphere, Honduras,” April 2011.

MSEE, Priyanka Chaudhary, “Spheroid Detection in 2D Images Using Circular Hough Transform,” May 2010.

MSEE, Vikas Chandra Mehta, “Performance of Pan-Tilt Tracker Based on the Pin-Hole Lens Model,” April 2009.

MSEE, Neelima Mandava, “Color Multiplexed Single Pattern Structured Light Illumination,” December 2008.

MSEE, Akshay Pethe, “Super Resolution 3D Scanning,” September 2008.

MSEE, Raja Kalyan Ram Cavaturu, “Motion Correction Structured Light using Pattern Interleaving Technique,” September 2008.

MSEE, Charles J. Casey, “Structured Light Motion Capture,” April 2008.

MSEE, Deepthi Boyanapally, “Merging of Fingerprint Scans Obtained from Multiple Cameras in 3D Fingerprint Scanner System,” February 2008.

MSEE, Pratibha Gupta, “Graycoded Composite Pattern Structured Light Illumination,” February 2007.

MSEE, Delicia Woon, “Implementation of Three Dimensional Linear Phase Coefficient  Composite Filter For Head Pose Estimation,” May 2005.

MSEE, Veera Ganesh Yalla, “Multi-Frequency Phase Measuring Profilometry,” October 2004.

MSEE, Jielin Li, “Camera Calibration and Noise Analysis Structured Light Illumination Active Range Finders,” May 2000.

MSEE, Robert R. Duncan, “Reduced Ephemeris Tracking Algorithm for Inclined Geosynchronous Satellites,” May 1999.

MSEE, W.J.Chimitt, “Overlap- and Rotation-Invariant Composite Correlation Filter Design for Registration,” August 1998.

MSEE, Yong Zhang, "Bit Transition Detection with Composite Filter Banks for High Density Magnetic Recording Channels," June 1998.

MSEE, Gayatri Rallapalli, “Excimer Laser Fabrication of Diffractive Optics,” August 1997, (Thesis) Co-advisor with Dr. Janet K. Lumpp.

MSEE, Raymond C. Daley, "Design, Implementation and Analysis of Structured Light Systems," June 1997.

MSEE, Jing Zhang, "DSP Implementation of Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Using Shift-Invariant Operators," January 1997.

MSEE, James Phillips, "Determination of Biological Tissue Thickness Using Laser Triangulation,"  November 1993, (Thesis).

MSEE, Marvin Nicholson, "Software Implementation of Direct and Multipath Acoustical Measurements," November 1993, (Project).

MSEE, Feng Zhang, "Dynamic Vehicle Networks for Early Emergency Alert," August 1993, (Project).  Co-advisor with Dr. Jian Li.

MSEE, Rajish Advani, "Analysis of Speech by Linear Prediction Techniques," August 1992, (Project).

MSEE, Mohit Bhushan, "Acoustic Spherical Array Prototype Omni-Directional Imaging System," June 1992, (Project).

MSEE, Harold Polus, "Improving the Accuracy and Repeatability of LCD Contrast Ratio Measures for Reliability and Quality Control," May 1992, (Project).

MS BioMedical Engineering, "Frequency Response Characteristics and Spectral Patterns of Arterial Pressure in Heart Paced Dogs," August 1991, (Thesis).  Co-advisor with Dr. Charles F. Knapp.






Neelima and Charles, 3-D Facial Expression, August 2007.




Raja and Akshay, High Res 3-D, August 2007.




Raja and Deepthi, 3-D Fingerprint Scanning, August 2007




March 2004, left to right: Geetha, Wei, Chun, Ganesh and Delecia.