The symposium will have both stand-up presentations of contributed papers as well as poster presentations. In addition, several keynote lectures will be delivered by prominent researchers on radiative transfer.

All Keynote lectures and contributed papers will be published by Begell House Inc. in a Proceedings volume and will be available in the form of CD-ROM (or, optionally, as bound paper copy) to the participants at the registration.

A set of keynotes and contributed papers will be selected for post-conference publication in a special issue of the journal, JQSRT, Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer.

The symposium will include poster sessions to allow the researchers to discuss their most recent work in a relaxed atmosphere. The abstracts of these papers will be included in a Book of Poster-Session Abstracts. Full papers are not required for the posters.

All authors are expected to send the manuscripts (or abstracts for the poster presentations) in camera-ready format and (in pdf or as a MS-Word document) electronically. The guidelines for preparing camera-ready manuscripts can be found on this website and the ICHMT website.