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The primary objective of UPoN is to increase participation in nanoscale engineering by establishing a dynamic learning community at the University of Kentucky. We are offering a series of courses and colloquia to bring researchers, professors and all levels of students together to enhance the understanding of fundamentals and applications of engineering at the nanoscale. UPoN encompases the Honors Program Nanotechnology Track (HPN), Nano-Scale Engineering Certificate Program (NECP), and the Center for Nano-Scale Engineering (CeNSE).

The honors courses are offered in the first and second years and allow the undergraduate students in any discipline to appreciate the importance of new science, engineering, and business potentials of nanotechnology.

NECP courses are designed for junior and senior level engineering students; however, they are dual-level and open to graduate students as well.

Colloquia are intended to bring students and researchers from all disciplines into a seminar environment to discuss all aspects of nanoscale engineering and sciences.

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For inquiries, please contact M. Pinar Mengüç at menguc@engr.uky.edu.

Contact: M. Pinar Mengüç, menguc@engr.uky.edu, University of Kentucky 40506 Lexington, KY, USA
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