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Course  Syllabus (pdf, 125 k)

AIChE Code of Ethics
(Web link)
Engineering Ethics: What Are the Right Choices?
Chemical Engineering Progress, April 1991, pp. 61-65. (720 k)
The Space Shuttle Challenger Accident (Fleddermann) (826 k)
"Damaged Engine Seal Could Delay Endeavour Launch" (link to
"Endeavour Fuels Up, but Clouds Threaten Launch" (link to
"DOJ to prosecute file swappers", ZDNN News (pdf, 128k)

Video Assignment: Ethics in Action: The Tradition of the Engineering Profession 2 (WMV)

Ethics and Professionalism (pdf, 155k)

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"Engineering Ethics: How ChEs Respond" (pdf, 1120k)
"Idaho employer gets largest-ever sentence for an environmental crime" (link to
"NASA knew Mars Polar Lander Doomed" (pdf, 99k)
NASA Denial (link to (not distributed in class)
"Checking Out the Competition" (pdf, 71k)
"Their Cheating Hearts" by William Raspberry (pdf, 172k)
"Personal Ethics, Professional Ethics" (pdf, 84k)
"Whistleblowing" (pdf, 342k)

Toxicology (pdf, 240k)

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Labor Day

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Industrial Hygiene (pdf, 160k)
Explosions Video Outline (pdf, 170k)

Video Assignment: Introduction to Reactive and Explosive Materials (WMV)

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Fires and Explosions (pdf, 170k)
Process Area Safety Video Outlines (pdf, 573 k)
Reshaping Process Safety Regulations (pdf, 161k)

Video Assignments:
Process Area Safety Features (WMV)
Process Area Safety Procedures (WMV)

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Hazards Identification (pdf, 3.6 M)

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Midterm Exam Study Guide (pdf, 59k)

Risk Assessment (link to ppt, 1.3M)
Gilbane Gold Study Guide (pdf, 80k)

Video Assignment: Gilbane Gold (WMV)

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Midterm Exam

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Enhanced Discussion Slides (pdf, 90k)

Bhopal Study Guide  (60k)
Bhopal Case Study (2.4M)
Oral Report Assignment (pdf, 68k)

Video Assignment: Unraveling Bhopal (WMV)

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A more objective Bhopal document (pdf, 747k)
The Chemical Industry and Toulouse: Lessons After Bhopal (link to PDF)
Bhopal Victims Struggle to Survive (link)

A Chemical Engineer's Guide to Toxicology (pdf, 341k)

Personal Protective Equipment video outline (pdf, 128k)
Video Assignment: Personal Protective Equipment (WMV)

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Online Safety Library: PPE (link)
PPE Training (coming soon) Course (link)
OSHA PPE Handbook (link to PDF)

Fashionable and Functional (PDF, 1.07M)

Video Outline: Informal Safety Reviews (PDF, 212k)
Video Assignment: Informal Safety Reviews (WMV)

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Virtual Reality Simulations for Laboratory and Plant Safety

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Chemical Plant Safety-- Applying the Tools of the Trade to a New Risk (link to PDF)
Guidance for protecting building environments from airborne chemical, biological, or radiological attacks (PDF, 605k)
Are your plants and pipelines safe from cyber-attack? (link to PDF)

EPA Security Proposal (PDF, 416k)

Proposed Chemical Safety Laws

Meet the Press transcript, July 18, 2004 (PDF, 276k)
Presidential Debate, September 30, 2004 (link)
Kerry Claims Plants Not Protected (PDF, 138k)

GAO Preparedness Report (link)
Site Security Guidelines (ACC/CII/SOCMA) (link)
AIChE CCPS Security Vulnerability Analysis (link)

American Chemistry Council on Security (link)
Terrorism at the Plant Level (link)
Chemical Security Act Unlikely to Pass (link to PDF)

DHS Laws & Regulations on Chemical Security (link)

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AICHE Annual Meeting: Project Worktime

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Oral Presentations

ACS Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories (link)

Video Assignment: Laboratory Safety and Inspections (WMV)

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Safety Scavenger Hunt! (PDF, 48k)

Final Exam Study Guide (PDF, 43k)

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Final Exam

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.xls	Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
.wmv	Windows Media Video


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Wentz, Charles A., Safety, Health, and Environmental Protection, McGraw-Hill, 1998.

Fleddermann, Charles B., Engineering Ethics, Prentice-Hall, 1999.

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